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Monster #349 — Welcome to Monday

somebody lied

Monster #323 — The guilt brigade

the guilt brigade

Monster #307 — Monster worries

more monster worries

So much to worry about! First monkeys, now this!

Monster #297 — I would have warned you…


I had this ready to post last week when I was getting sick, but then I got sick and was too sick to post it.

Monster #276 — Which way?

which way?

She looks a little desperate, doesn’t she?

Monster #251 — The truth.

the truth

Sorry about neglecting my monster posting thing. I was doodling all the while, but somehow getting the sketchbook to the scanner just wouldn’t happen. Sorry! Did you miss me?

Monster #229 — Fevered pursuit


Anteater-porcupine can’t resist Mr. Parsnip-insect-thing.

Monster #226 — And now you’re even older


Bet he’s a popular guy.

Monster #214 — Don’t tell me it’s gone.


Monster #210 — Overwhelmed

suck your blood