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Doodle #544 – You’ll be AMAZED

Ever notice how some people only know two adjectives? Well, you will now, because I pointed it out.

Doodle #540 – Obviously

If I had a dress like that, I’d wear it all the time. Of course, it wouldn’t look as good without the crown and boots, but I think I could make it work.

Doodle #524 – Rrrr

r words

Royalty! Rodents! Rockford Files!

Doodle #523 – Let’s Network!

let's network

That word. Makes me run away.

Doodle #520 – Retirement


Oh dear.

Doodle #518 – Hey Baby!

nice brain

Cat calls in the Monsterverse.

#505 – Seconds


If I wore a wig, I’d also wear a cat wearing a hat. Wouldn’t you??

#492 – What are you?


I’m sleepy. How about you?

#485 – Over it

over it

I hope you’re not over it. This blog and all its false re-starts, I mean.

Monster # 481 — It’s Bilingual Monday!


Arf! Know what I mean?