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#535 – Not Judging

not judging

RUN AWAY! Run away before he finishes that sentence!

#504 – Let me entertain you…

let me entertain you

Think he’ll do magic? Song and dance? Impressions? Anagrams?

Monster #452 — WARNING


Consider yourself warned.

Monster #406 — Welcome to Monday

it's bad

Who let this guy in?

Monster #353 — What’d you do?

hedge hoggery

Monster #297 — I would have warned you…


I had this ready to post last week when I was getting sick, but then I got sick and was too sick to post it.

Monster #291 — Lion Oil!


I doodled this at breakfast this morning while my son and I were talking about palindromes and how they make artificial scents. I mean how people make artificial scents. As far as I know palindromes aren’t scented at all.

Monster #279 — Don’t look!

don't look

According to my calendar I should be on the 293rd monster doodle for the year. I knew I was behind, but I thought I’d closed the gap a bit more than this. I can’t help suspecting my inability to count as being the real reason I’m two weeks behind, but I’m too lazy to go back and see if that’s the case. I’ll just assume I really am 14 doodles behind and do my best to catch up before the end of the year.

Monster #252 — Go away!

go away

The other guy does not look impressed. Or else he’s afraid of the curly, gold chest hair.

Monster #251 — The truth.

the truth

Sorry about neglecting my monster posting thing. I was doodling all the while, but somehow getting the sketchbook to the scanner just wouldn’t happen. Sorry! Did you miss me?