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#507 – Sidewalk scene

sidewalk scene

Hmm. Seems to be spring in the monsterverse. They’re probably off to the pudding bar.

Monster #287 – Maybe *this* is utopia?


stripes = compulsory (unless you have antlers)
shirts = optional

Monster #276 — Which way?

which way?

She looks a little desperate, doesn’t she?

Monster #85 – eating X


Imagine going out to your garden and being able to pick and eat fresh, organic X. I wonder if it grows in my zone.

Monster #69 — Utopia?


Whoa am I late today. It’s been a crazy day.

Monster #37 — Ichi Nichi Ichi Zen


Do one good thing a day.

Monster #30 — Utopia


I drew this while waiting for it to be time to go pick up The Boy from school. I often sit in the school parking lot doodling and listening to NPR until the bell rings.

I’m not sure if these guys qualify as monsters or not. Maybe that brown guy with the squirrel friend, he’s a sort of otter-bear type thing but whoa, those teeth.

Monster #24 – Sharing


There haven’t been nearly enough ice cream monsters. I really need to fix that.