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Monster #350! — How about you?

bad manners, etc

I make weird faces while other people are talking.

How about you?

Monster #191 — Change is hard

all over now

Funny how some things can end and it’s as much a relief as it is a disappointment.

Bonus! Animal drawings.


According to my wall calendar that tells me just how many days have passed already (you know, in case you’re not already feeling like time is flying by at an alarming rate) I should be on monster #197. Eek! I promise to do something about that soon.

Meanwhile, here are some animals I drew for no reason at all.

Bonus! Another non monster post.


I do believe this is a true Rhode Island fact. Except for the polar baya at the zoo.

Monster #143 – Applesauce?


I’m really not sure what this is about.