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Monster #370 — Unrequited love goes to the beach

unrequited love at the beach

What do you think—is it the monster or the ice cream she’s in love?

Monster #306 — Why doncha do me right?

Imitation Frank Zappa

Imitation Frank Zappa, apparently.

Monster #229 — Fevered pursuit


Anteater-porcupine can’t resist Mr. Parsnip-insect-thing.

Monster #114 – Halp!


I have doodles to post but the computer crashing thingie that’s going on is seriously impairing my scanning ability. I promise a monster doodle posting bonanza as soon as I can manage it. For now you get this phone doodle depicting some kind of bizarre nightmare I’ve never had but surely will now.

Monster #98 – unrequited love

unrequited love

Monster #57 – Sometimes


Monster #44 — Love is…


Happy Valentines Day and stuff.