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Monster #258 — The Minotaur

the minotaur

I found this drawing in a sketchbook I don’t usually use for doodling. I have no memory of drawing it and I have no idea what it means.

WHAT does the minotaur have a bad feeling about?

Is it Monday?

Are those new jeans and he hasn’t washed them yet?

Did he just eat something questionable at the school cafeteria?

Did some curly haired naked guy named Theseus just ask him out on a date?

What could it be??

Who knew doodling could create such mystery.

Monster #453 — Crisis Hour

crisis hour

Sure, it’s awful, but at least you can work it into your schedule.

Monster #449

the future?

And it’s MONDAY, too.

Monster #433 — Theory #4

theory #4

Monster #432 — Theory #3

theory #3

Monster #431 — NOW WHERE?

now where

All theories, rumors, wild accusations, and complete fabrications welcome! Where is Voz NOW??

Monster #423 — No Idea.

no idea

Sometimes I feel like this. Luckily, I don’t look like this.

Monster #417 — The Worry Club

the worry club

Personally, I’m worried that blue guy will find out he’s only got one ear.

Monster #394 — No hints!

no way!

Monster #388 — What’s up there?

that cliff, at the bottom

The companion piece to this doodle.