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Doodle #557 – Right? Right?

except bunnies

Bad day in the Monsterverse. Except for bunnies.

Doodle #547 – An eel of mystery

What’s this eel’s deal anyway? What does he mean?

Is it a revelation? He’s just now realizing he’s an eel? He seems pretty calm about it. Perhaps this is the moment he comes to terms with his eelness. That’s kind of beautiful, really.

Or is he making an apology? Maybe he feels he led us astray that time he wowed us with his knowledge of planets and black holes and the general bigness of the cosmos and he needs to set the record straight. He’s just an eel. An eel with knowledge, but a humble eel.

A confession? An affirmation? What do you think?


Please notice how I didn’t make a really bad pun up there about Eel deGrasse Tyson. I didn’t.

Doodle #545 – Whut?

How is it Wednesday already? Dang it. Busy week!

Here’s a two page spread from my sketchbook that makes about as much sense as a transcription of a dream.

Doodle #529 – Optimistic

Doodle #525 – Hold All My Calls

hold all my calls

I’m going rogue to be away for the next few days, probably still doodling, but not posting. You’ll just have to amuse yourselves while I’m gone. I’ll miss you. Be good.

PS. I left a casserole in the fridge for you.

Doodle #520 – Retirement


Oh dear.

what is it ?


Well, I don’t know what it will look like, but stay for lunch is returning. Probably not daily. But toothy and with pudding. And that’s about where I left off. So let’s just pretend that two year hiatus didn’t happen, k?

Thanks. I love you.


Monster #479 — The End is Near!

the end is near

I think if you’re going to claim the end is near, you should be specific. Better to avoid confusion at the end times, don’t you think?

Oh and HI, by the way. I was away, but now I’m back. Did you miss me?

Bonus! Voz vs. Numbers

voz vs numbers

This is a true story (except for the talking dog).

Numbers, somehow, always manage to trip me up. I don’t know what it is about them and my brain, but they just can’t play nice together. More than once I have caught myself updating the monster blog with the wrong number. I got in the habit of checking to see what number I was on before beginning the update itself, but in that second or two between looking at the post and loading the screen to update, I would get the numbers wrong. Sometimes more than once. Sometimes more than twice.

Go ahead, look right now. I go magically from 457 to 258! I just caught it this morning. I’m hopeless! Why can’t all numbers be 5???

Monster #259 — Apocalypse Time!


Half way through doomsday here…I’m trying to use up that book of stamps I bought *just in case*.