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Monster #416 — Fun vs. Reality

fun vs reality

Guess where I’ve been.

Monster #414 — Why?


I relate so completely to this guy’s question at the moment, I’m tempted to put this under “self portraits”.

Monster #413 — Weird Thing Transport

weird thing transport

I wonder where they’re going…

Monster #407 — Take the number 5 monster to awesomeness


See you there!

Monster #392 — Next stop…

ice cream yay


Monster #289 — Slow down!


He’s saying ”please slow down”, but I have no idea why.

Monster #277 — Ooh!

nice tapir

Monster #262 — How does that thing work?


Monster #258 — Something else

something else

Has anyone noticed I can’t count? I routinely have to go edit the numbers of my monster posts because I’ve missed one or ten or two dozen. I just fixed the last ten I posted because they were in the 150’s instead of the 250’s. I’d like to say this is only an occasional thing, but it’s more like once a week.

And speaking of numbers, my alarming look-how-fast-time-is-speeding-by-you-OMG-don’t-you-feel-old-now calendar says there are only 100 days left in 2009. Crazy.

Oh, and hey, it’s Autumn now.

Monster #246 — Hayaku! Hurry!


I have so much to do. I spent half of yesterday running tedious but essential errands (bank, post office, grocery store) so I feel like I got nothing done for work. My family really needs to rethink this whole eating-every-day thing. Why can’t they just save it all up and eat something huge on Friday? Like a snake.* We could spend the weekend basking and digesting.

Anyhoo, I’ll be in the studio all day making stuff, so don’t interrupt me. Unless you have pudding.

* I mean eat like a snake, not eat an actual snake.