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Doodle #549 – Define: strange

strange traffic

Pretty much all traffic in the monsterverse is strange. But maybe some is stranger than others.

#507 – Sidewalk scene

sidewalk scene

Hmm. Seems to be spring in the monsterverse. They’re probably off to the pudding bar.

#500 – Eels, no eels

eels, no eels

Fancy eels, people. Fancy ones.

#489 – Love Bus

love bus


Monster #457 — Nice Wheels!

nice wheels

I think it’s love…♥

Monster #451 — Downhill


As long as that cliff isn’t at the bottom of the hill we’ll be fine.

Monster #447 — Take the Queen for a Walk Day

take the queen for a walk

In style, naturally.

Monster #445 — Next stop…


That’s after this stop.

Next stop is actually cookies in my house. I’m hosting a tea party tomorrow and am currently making lots of cookies to delight and astound my stuffed animals friends. If you’re not busy, stop by.

Monster #433 — Theory #4

theory #4

Monster #419 — Wheee!


Hope your weekend has lots of wheee! in it.