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Monster #156 – Swine Flu?


Well, we’ve got the flu in our house. This guy* is innocent, though.

The pediatrician’s office was in OUTBREAK mode. Everybody was masked and handing out Purell. I’m glad we didn’t get it back when the world was in the epidemic freak-out phase. The doctor probably would’ve come out in a HAZ MAT suit.

(* he DOES TOO count as a monster, look at those teeth!)

Monster #116 – stop breaking!

stop breaking

Seriously. Now I’m super behind on the monsters and reading blogs.

Monster #Something, I forget


I’m with the little guy at the bottom.

Monster #102 – Has anybody seen my legs?

Has anybody seen my legs?

I drew this at breakfast this morning. If you go to the flickr page (click the image itself) you can see the invisible speech bubbles Shorty and I added.

PS. Mz. FrankenT this isn’t the doodle I did for you. Tomorrow, I promise!

Monster #88 – bunny?


Such a heart-breaking scene.

Monster #71 — O no!


This is one of my favorite doodles of late.

Monday Monster Drama

I have nothing against Neal Conan (except maybe his beard) but when I turned on the radio to listen to Tell Me More like I do every afternoon while waiting for school dismissal (and doodling) it wasn’t on! Talk of the Nation was on. Whaa?

I was so concerned. One of my other favorite NPR shows was canceled recently so I was not happy thinking I’d never get to hear Michel Martin again. I was as distraught as the “change is bad!” monster.


Turned out I had it on another NPR station that has different programming. Oh. Duh.

Monster #66 — Pen Drama

pen melodrama

Just a little melodrama for your Sunday pleasure.

Monster #65 — Garden Monster


I’m sure this guy was in my garden last year.

Monster #58 — Tremor


I have a slight tremor in my hand because of a medication I take. It’s not all the time but I’ve noticed it’s worse in the afternoon. And since I do a lot of doodling while I’m waiting for my son’s school dismissal I often have to fight with my shaky hand to do what I want it to do. The little speech balloon is how bad it would be if I just held the pen on the paper without applying pressure. It’s only really frustrating when I’m trying to do details.