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Doodle #543 – Not again!?

Sorry to end the week on such an upsetting note. I really hope this doesn’t ruin your weekend.

Monster #260 — Ned’s mistake

cupcake of humanity

Why Ned was purchasing cupcakes in just his knickers is anybody’s guess.

Monster #400 — Bunny?


Dismay! Shock! Milk Chocolate!

Monster #380 — Send Help!

send help!

Monster #376 — So misunderstood!


I live in a pro-dragon household.

Monster #299 — Did you pay your dues?

The regrets club

I regret that extra minute I let my tea steep.

Monster #257 — But…

but... but...

Did someone just say they ate all the cookies?

Monster #218 — Let’s go shopping

out of ice cream

That aardvark guy isn’t sticking around to see what happens next.

Monster #188 — Man, it’s hot in here.


Monster #183 — No way!


I actually slammed the book shut at this point.