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Monster #380 — Send Help!

send help!

Monster #357 — Just what I wanted!

fits perfectly

If you are a gift-getter, I hope whatever you got is as pleasing as this.

Monster #316 — I’m still not caught up!

drama drama drama

In case you’re looking for the perfect National Pie Day* gift for me: I would like a sweater like that cow/dog/thing has, but if it could have stripes the same colors as the quadrupedal snake, that’d be swell. Thanks.

* not to be confused with Pi Day.

Monster #203 — Beach


I’m going to the beach as soon as I get one of these quilted swimsuits. The Atlantic is COLD!

Monster #97 – lucky! (IF topic: Talisman)

lucky lucky lucky

I forgot “lucky underwear” but we can just assume.

Monster #94 – Down with!

down with!

But not the sweater. The sweater rocks.

Monster #64 — Sweaters and things

sweater things

I’m late getting the monsters up today, so you get a whole two page spread from my journal.

Monster #59 — Nandayo


I think somebody made fun of his sweater. Not very nice.
Nandayo in this situation more or less means What? In a What are you looking at? kind of way.

Incidentally, my calendar says it’s the 60th day of the year but I only have 59 monsters. Wha?? Did one escape?

Monster #54 — The Boot


Artist’s interpretation of a friend’s broken-legged, booted predicament.

Monster #43 — Arigatou


I’m not entirely sure how this guy gets into his sweater. Maybe he has a valet.