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Doodle #551 – Are you a princess?

No glass slippers or tall towers required for membership.

Doodle #538 – Move Along

Just a talking fish on a cloud on a six legged snake in the snow in the dark. Totally unremarkable. Move along

Doodle #535 – Ill-fated mango

This is one of the doodles that didn’t go on the mango page of the book I’m working on.

How’s that for cultivating mystery?

Doodle #521 – Taco Day!

taco day
I thought taco day was Tuesday.

#502 – Raise your hand if you’re confused

raise your hand if you're confused

Poor snake.

Somehow I found myself without my usual supply of doodling pens on hand when I did this. So I used a different pen that was just hanging out in my bag. I don’t like my lines nearly as much. Change is hard.

#499 – Things Voz Draws – (#7)

Things Voz Draws #7

I do like snakes, but really, I draw them because they’re easy to draw and I’m lazy.

#491 – Embrace the day!

embrace the day

Or, you know, whatever works for you and your appendages.

#488 – Monday


Ugh. So hard to get moving in the winter.

Monster #482 — We Love You!

oh hi

It’s true! We do! You’re ever so swell! <3

Monster #457 — Nice Wheels!

nice wheels

I think it’s love…♥