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Doodle #516 – For science!

did it for the

I was too busy; I didn’t do it at all. -__-

Monster #427 — Crunchy Snack!

crunchy snack

Crunchy implies salty. The other snack category is, of course, chocolate.

Monster #390 — oooh!


Come over, we have more. We’ll share!

Monster #293 — The end is near!

prepare part 1

This doomsday doodle was immediately followed in my sketchbook by the one below. I didn’t think they were related, but if it’s the end of the world, you might want to have a snack while you’re waiting for the horsemen to show up.

prepare part 2

Monster #216 — Yes, let’s!

bake cookies

I don’t think I have a favorite cookie. Do you?

Monster #215 — Cheesepuffs!


You know what I mean?

Monster #201 — Fishsnax


They’re kind of like those little goldfish crackers except they’re real fish. And they’re surprised.

Monster #199 — Come over

stay for lunch

I’ll make cake and tea.