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Monster #381 — Fancy Dress Monsters

fancy dress monsters

It took them so long to tie those ties…how disappointing.

What now??


Hmm. Did I?

I missed you. I couldn’t stay away. Besides, I have all these doodles…

Should I start at #1 again? Should this be #366? Should I just give up keeping track? What do you think?

Monster #349 — Welcome to Monday

somebody lied

Monster #347 — Always with the drama

o crap, etc.

I think that’s an antlion in pants, what do you think?

Monster #345 — Billions and billions of them, in fact.


Monster #343 — Oh.

better looking

At first I thought Mr. Purplestretchpants was talking to his hairy green friend, but now I think they’re looking at me.

Monster #330 — He’s Jesus!


Monster #328 1/2 — Ha ha ha

are you serious?

I thought was so ahead of the game ordering a huge quantity of the wooden blocks I need for my rubber stamps. I got them and tucked them away because I didn’t think the stamps themselves would get here in time for my big deadline (THREEFREAKINGDAYSFROMNOW), but I got an e-mail saying the stamps had been shipped. yay! So I opened my big box of wooden blocks to put the labels on so I’d have a head start when the stamps arrived.


ha ha ha

First I had to verify it wasn’t MY mistake. This is exactly the kind of thing I do (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered the wrong size envelopes for my cards), but it wasn’t my mistake this time. They just sent the wrong thing. G-06 instead of G-05. 600 of them. That’s an awful lot of the wrong size block.

I haven’t heard back yet, but I hope they’ll be overnighting me at least 100 of the size I actually ordered. I was very polite in my frantic e-mail.


Monster #301 — Gossip Monsters

Then what?

Oh the drama!

Monster #290 — Great expectations


I drew this while I was at that conference. I just found it in my notes.