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#496 – Things Voz Draws (#3)

Things Voz Draws #3

Those are supposed to be dinosaurs*.

Betcha couldn’t tell.

But now that I’ve told you what they are, you’re thinking, “Oh, yeah, those are totally dinosaurs.” right? You see their dinosaurishness, right? I mean, you believe me when I say they’re dinosaurs, don’t you?

*well, dinosaurs from the monsterverse anyway…

#490 – Where has the time gone?


I’m so glad to be back at this doodling-and-scanning-and-sharing thing.

#486 – Where indeed?

where indeed

Wait until he notices his toes are missing too.

Monster #457 — Nice Wheels!

nice wheels

I think it’s love…♥

Monster #441 — gobsmacked


Monster #406 — Welcome to Monday

it's bad

Who let this guy in?

Monster #400 — Bunny?


Dismay! Shock! Milk Chocolate!

Monster #399 – Monday, again.


It’s raining and grey and just generally uninvitingly wet here and it’s going to be miiighty hard to get motivated to do anything other than drink tea and nap.

Monster #398 — Mistakes were made

mistakes were made

Monster #386 — Can we keep him?

can we keep him?

Ninja sticker courtesy of Marcus Hadlock who would definitely let them keep him. (I would too, but I’d have to enforce the “no swords in the house” rule.)

Thanks, Marcus!