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Doodle #542 – Sad Chaps

What is bumming out these monsters? A pudding shortage? A new tax on trout husbandry?

We’re anything but sad at my house. It’s finally the Last Day of School ™, so summer can officially be officially here. Thanks for not rubbing it in that YOUR summer started ages ago.

#496 – Things Voz Draws (#3)

Things Voz Draws #3

Those are supposed to be dinosaurs*.

Betcha couldn’t tell.

But now that I’ve told you what they are, you’re thinking, “Oh, yeah, those are totally dinosaurs.” right? You see their dinosaurishness, right? I mean, you believe me when I say they’re dinosaurs, don’t you?

*well, dinosaurs from the monsterverse anyway…

Monster #376 — So misunderstood!


I live in a pro-dragon household.

Monster #368 — No idea…

no idea what's going on

Do you?

Monster #367 — -chy

- chy

Monster #315 — There are 38 days left in 2009

how does that make you feel?

Monster #270 — 1-800-GOLEMS

if not you

Call the number on your screen.

Monster #233 — The Exclusionists


Monster #218 — Let’s go shopping

out of ice cream

That aardvark guy isn’t sticking around to see what happens next.

Monster #204 — For Dusik


Of course, it’s beautiful, sunny, and not too hot outside right now.