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Monster #463 — It’s Friday!

it's friday!

I feel bad I dressed that guy in a parka/snowsuit-type thing. It’s going to be hot and humid today. I hope they’ve got ice for their grape soda.

Happy Friday, peoples. I am unusually excited it’s finally here. This week has been too much.

Monster #260 — Ned’s mistake

cupcake of humanity

Why Ned was purchasing cupcakes in just his knickers is anybody’s guess.

Monster #450 — Mud is muddy


Monster #430 — Push Back

push back

I once shared a studio with a woman who had a big sign on the back of the studio door that said PUSH BACK. I thought at first it referred to the door itself, like maybe it was hard to open or close so you had to push on it harder than you’d think, but it had nothing to do with the door. Just life. And Other People. You know what I mean.

Monster #420 — I’m FINE!

voz needs help!

Apparently, I’m anemic. I’m not sure it counts as being sick, but if you want to give me a vacation or a hug, I won’t turn you down.

Monster #412 — Everything…


Monster #411 — Turn to the left


Monster #408 — Live and learn

every day is a learning opportunity

Monster #406 — Welcome to Monday

it's bad

Who let this guy in?

Monster #399 – Monday, again.


It’s raining and grey and just generally uninvitingly wet here and it’s going to be miiighty hard to get motivated to do anything other than drink tea and nap.