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Doodle #533 – The pets menu

Fine dining, I’m sure.

Doodle #525 – Hold All My Calls

hold all my calls

I’m going rogue to be away for the next few days, probably still doodling, but not posting. You’ll just have to amuse yourselves while I’m gone. I’ll miss you. Be good.

PS. I left a casserole in the fridge for you.

Monster #443 — Give us some money!

give us some money

Personally, I’d just like a new pair of pink striped socks. My favorite pair finally became more holey than socky.

Monster #umm something

get on with it

No REALLY. I am coming back. I am I am.

Monster #425 — Oh, you stop it!

you stop it

I mean that specifically as well as generally, but not if you’re making me some cupcakes. I would never tell you to stop if you’re making me cupcakes.

PS. Yesterday was canceled, that’s why there was no doodle. You got the memo, right? You didn’t show up did you?

Monster #421 – Advice


I ask for advice, this is what I get.

Anyone have a spare pony?

Monster #391 — The Joneses

the joneses

These guys are the characters from a comic strip my son nagged asked me to draw. It’s all about pudding pirates in outer space. I think they’re a father/son duo, but I’m not clear on that. Actually, I’m not clear on anything about the story, but that’s not a surprise.

Monster #386 — Can we keep him?

can we keep him?

Ninja sticker courtesy of Marcus Hadlock who would definitely let them keep him. (I would too, but I’d have to enforce the “no swords in the house” rule.)

Thanks, Marcus!

Monster #383 — And your mom says…

and your mom says

Don’t forget to floss, people.

And have a great weekend.

Now taking requests!

i take requests

I’m not saying I’ll honor your requests, but I’m taking them.