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Monster #263 — Sargeant parfait speaks


Monster #258 — Something else

something else

Has anyone noticed I can’t count? I routinely have to go edit the numbers of my monster posts because I’ve missed one or ten or two dozen. I just fixed the last ten I posted because they were in the 150’s instead of the 250’s. I’d like to say this is only an occasional thing, but it’s more like once a week.

And speaking of numbers, my alarming look-how-fast-time-is-speeding-by-you-OMG-don’t-you-feel-old-now calendar says there are only 100 days left in 2009. Crazy.

Oh, and hey, it’s Autumn now.

Monster #249 — I Want to Ride a Camel


Monster #245 — My my my


Monster #230 — you get two today because I love you


I need a lovely assistant. And chocolate.

Monster #215 — Cheesepuffs!


You know what I mean?

Monster #210 — Overwhelmed

suck your blood

Monster #82 – Hello Spring!


I like winter, spring, and fall. Summer I could skip. This is my so-far list of all the signs of spring I’ve seen. Yesterday it was 30F so the frogs were all silent. No doubt snuggled up in their beds with a cup of tea and a good book (maybe the Field Guide to North American Insects?)

Monster #74 — Confusion


Oh it’s Monday and I am unprepared. As soon as I post this I will make my to-do list for the week. Seems like all of the sudden I have multiple projects with immediate deadlines. No!

So much to do. I’m good at the doing it’s the organization part of it that causes me suffering. Later, I will turn my face to the sky and shout, “CONFUSION!”

First I need to find me a dress like that monster, though. Cute!