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Doodle #553 – Good Question

my sense of humor

At least he’s still got his sense of style, huh?

Doodle #550 – Remember when…

when we were smart

The older my brain gets, the more I think this.

Doodle #548 – Do I smell waffles?


Is that what shark jammies look like?

Doodle #527 – Bedtime

bedtime yet

The majority of life catches me unawares, but I am *always* ready for bed.

#508 – Cranky hour!

cranky hour

Last week there was a cranky hour marathon.

#501 – And fleas

and fleas

Well, I am kind of itchy. I think it’s the cold weather, though. Not fleas.

#490 – Where has the time gone?


I’m so glad to be back at this doodling-and-scanning-and-sharing thing.

#486 – Where indeed?

where indeed

Wait until he notices his toes are missing too.

Summer’s Return…


Monster #477 — Shopping lady

shopping lady