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Doodle #541 – And pony rides

FINALLY it’s the last week of school for my son. Four more days. That’s a long four days when it’s already, officially, summer (for real).

I’m spending those four days figuring out when and how I’ll get work done from now until September. As well as preparing bribes for myself so I’ll actually get business-related work done instead of just staying home every day and digging into my large stack of library books. I love my job, but I’m awfully fond of reading and lazing around and making excuses to go get ice cream, too.

But isn’t that pretty much what summer is about?

Monster #484 — It’s Pudding Hour!


Pretty much every hour, right?

Monster #438 — How to draw a monster

Look! Now you don’t have to wait for the next blog update to get your daily doodle; you can draw your OWN monster. Just like the pros Voz! Here’s a handy dandy step-by-step to get you started on your very own monster doodling spree. Won’t this come in handy when Voz gets lazy again and stops updating?

What are you waiting for? Grab your Swiss Miss pudding, the nearest pen, and get going!

how to draw a monster

Monster #393 — MIA

out of pudding...

Monster #391 — The Joneses

the joneses

These guys are the characters from a comic strip my son nagged asked me to draw. It’s all about pudding pirates in outer space. I think they’re a father/son duo, but I’m not clear on that. Actually, I’m not clear on anything about the story, but that’s not a surprise.

Monster #380 — Send Help!

send help!

Monster #375 — But then it has to cool…

is the pudding ready?

I swear I’m not nearly as pudding obsessed as you think.

It’s the MONSTERS, not me!

Monster #351 — Oh, ok. I’ll stay.

odd place

Monster #302 — The pudding bar!

pudding bar

See you there.

Monster #214 — Don’t tell me it’s gone.