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Doodle #537 – NEWS FLASH!

So. There’s this monthly local paper in my area that’s sometimes highly informative, but mostly unintentionally amusing. I always read it cover to cover looking for the interesting bits. Usually it’s just entertaining letters from grouchy townsfolk, but this current issue has a photo of a man and a pineapple plant he grew.

There’s no story, just the photo of the man and his plant, a title and a caption. I don’t know who this guy is, or why his pineapple growing skills are worthy of a newspaper picture. I kept looking for mention of the photo in other articles in the paper, but there was nothing. SO confusing.

Since I use doodles to try and make sense of my world, I decided to make a doodle of the picture in hopes it would help me understand it. I copied the picture to the best of my abilities, with some artistic interpretation (the local guy wasn’t wearing a pink and orange striped maxi skirt), added the title and caption, and … I’m just as confused.

Monster #238 — Weird.