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Doodle #533 – The pets menu

Fine dining, I’m sure.

Monster #429 — First Prize!

first prize!

Did he win it because of that creature, or maybe the creature is first prize?

Monster #366 — LATE!

late for 2010

Better late than never, right?

Monster #223 — snake walkies


Monster #166 – Love Love Love Love Love Love


Me too!

Monster #135 – Meanwhile…

pet park

I really want a dog. Like, really, really, really. I want a little sidekick who goes everywhere with me. We could have adventures.

Monster #132- Perambulatory Gronk


Have I told you how much we love the word GRONK in my house? It’s an all purpose sound effect! Right up there with the all purpose expletive HEDGEHOGGERY! So versatile!

Monster #87 – windy day

windy day