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Monster #391 — The Joneses

the joneses

These guys are the characters from a comic strip my son nagged asked me to draw. It’s all about pudding pirates in outer space. I think they’re a father/son duo, but I’m not clear on that. Actually, I’m not clear on anything about the story, but that’s not a surprise.

New book! Free button! Huzzah!

two pages
I’m so excited! I finally finished putting the first collection of doodles together into a book. And finally, finally you can buy it.

It’s got sixteen monster doodles full of drama, confusion, and longing. At least one of them I never actually posted here. Oooh! Exclusive doodle!

And even if you don’t care about the book, you should buy it because you get a FREE lucky flounder button if you do! (Although if you’re buying the book just for the button that sort of doesn’t make the button free anymore, does it?)

You can buy it at fishcakes, etsy, or come to Crafty Bastards 2009 in October and buy it from me in person.

Monster Word Book! (Monster #53)

critics2I’m so excited! I finished my Monster Word Book this weekend. My fancy stapler (that staples up to 12 inches from the side of the page like a dream come true) was delivered on Friday so I got to try it out. It was super. I got giddy. I really did.

The book is 12 pages of words and monsters, 72 words in all! In color, even. And it’s pretty swell if I say so myself. I definitely had fun making it. So much that I want to make another one right away. But I guess I need to get this one out there first.

As soon as I get it up somewhere to buy I will post a link to it in the sidebar.

Monster #45 — Elton John Denver


I’m working on a monster word book which means I get to sit around and read dictionaries. Seriously. How awesome is my job?

365 Monsters


I’ve always wanted to do a thing-a-day project but there aren’t many things I actually do every day (besides necessary but uninspired things like brush my teeth). I’ve never been very good at routines.

But I do obsessively doodle monsters. Every day. So a monster-a-day is a project I bet I can actually manage.

We’ll see…wish me luck!