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Doodle #542 – Sad Chaps

What is bumming out these monsters? A pudding shortage? A new tax on trout husbandry?

We’re anything but sad at my house. It’s finally the Last Day of School ™, so summer can officially be officially here. Thanks for not rubbing it in that YOUR summer started ages ago.

#486 – Where indeed?

where indeed

Wait until he notices his toes are missing too.

Monster #339 — A long story

long story

I hope there’s an intermission.

Monster #279 — Don’t look!

don't look

According to my calendar I should be on the 293rd monster doodle for the year. I knew I was behind, but I thought I’d closed the gap a bit more than this. I can’t help suspecting my inability to count as being the real reason I’m two weeks behind, but I’m too lazy to go back and see if that’s the case. I’ll just assume I really am 14 doodles behind and do my best to catch up before the end of the year.

Monster #211 — ???


Monster #180 — To boldly go


There’s that cliff again.