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Monster #140 – Get a Life


Monster # 124 – I <3 chickens


This is my favorite part of a bigger phone doodle I did on the back of an envelope.

Click it to see the rest of it.

Monster #111 – Hooray for 5!

hooray for 5!

This is in answer to Bella’s question AND it includes nipples!

Monster #109 – crabby day


Monster #107 – well hello there

well hello there friend

My stacked monsters always remind me of the fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians. This one especially I think because of that chicken-thing on top.

Monster #106 – Impossibility (IF topic)

faster! faster!

My submission for the IF topic: Impossibility.

Monster #82 – Hello Spring!


I like winter, spring, and fall. Summer I could skip. This is my so-far list of all the signs of spring I’ve seen. Yesterday it was 30F so the frogs were all silent. No doubt snuggled up in their beds with a cup of tea and a good book (maybe the Field Guide to North American Insects?)