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BONUS! Guest Doodle!

Once upon a time I had a little mammoth.

this snow is mammoth approved

He was swell. Happy to tag along while I ran errands around town, didn’t eat too much cake. And then he went missing. So sad.

All this time I’ve been wondering what happened to him. Where could he be? You think the worst, you know? Did he fall in a hole? Did he get buried by a landslide? Did he find an all-you-can-eat swamp grass bar? Where could he be?

Well, on my birthday my friend Jonah was kind enough to clear up the mystery with this drawing.

guest doodle

He has, apparently, been disco dancing with his friend the Birthday Camel. I’m relieved to know he’s safe (but come on, couldn’t he have at least called? Is it so hard to pick up a phone with that trunk?) I do miss him, though.

Thanks for the doodle, Jonah. You’re all kinds of awesome.

Monster #384 — Donatsu!


Stay for Lunch? goes 3-D!

With doughnuts!

So, it’s technically not a doodle, is it?

I did doodle the trees, and I did make the monsters, but not the mammoth or the doughnuts or the iced coffee or the little monkey chap from photo #2.

You’re really nice though, so you’ll let me call it a monster doodle, right?


Monster #365 — !

mammoth is ready

It’s coming, whether you’re ready or not.

Thanks for reading/looking/commenting/being awesome monster fans.

Happy 2010!

See you there.

Monster #152 – Contemplative Mammoth Contemplates


Deep thinkers, those mammoth.