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Monster #444 — Golem + flounder protest stuff

golem + flounder protest

Everyone’s got SOMETHING they feel passionate about, right?

Monster #359 — Happy as Larry

happy as larry

I first came across the phrase “Happy as Larry” in a book by Roddy Doyle (♥). I’d never heard it before, but it seemed too awesomely weird not to want in my life. So there it is.

Monster #356 — Mmm Mochi

mochi + lucky flounder

Lucky Flounder is contemplating which mochi to eat first.

Hope you’re out there contemplating something delicious too.

Monster #329 — He speaks the truth

lucky flounder speaks

I am the mother of a 9 year-old now.

Lucky Flounder cake

My son likes lucky flounder a lot. He was very pleased with his birthday cake.

Monster #228 — School Shopping


We’re going school shopping today! Yay!

Monster #187 — Lucky Flounder speaks

flounder says

If only we all had a lucky flounder.

Monster #97 – lucky! (IF topic: Talisman)

lucky lucky lucky

I forgot “lucky underwear” but we can just assume.