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Doodle #532 – A very special appliance

What do you think it says??

Doodle #531 – That’s MISTER Cormorant to you.

mister cormorant

Not a monster, just a little love for my favorite bird. I see them almost every morning when I cross the border to the great state of Rhode Island. They hang out on the reservoir with the herons and the old men who fish from the causeway.

#489 – Love Bus

love bus


Monster #482 — We Love You!

oh hi

It’s true! We do! You’re ever so swell! <3

Monster #466 — Don’t ever change

as you are

PEOPLE. I have been so busy doing Things*. No time for pudding postings or questionable pastries. I assure you I have been doodling, though, so I have a backlog of monsters waiting to be uploaded. After next week, when Things calm down, I promise to shower you with scribbles and kisses. You’ll wait for me, right?

* you know, Things.

Not a monster, unless you reject my love.

voz confesses

Seriously. You guys are the best.

Monster #378 — I’m not going down there.

love at the cliff

Just getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Monster #166 – Love Love Love Love Love Love


Me too!

Monster #100!

shocked to learn

So I really wanted to do something special for my 100th monster but it didn’t happen. But this doodle is my current favorite. Somebody just needs to write the book to go with the illustration. I’m sure there’s a melodrama waiting to be created from this scene.

Monster #98 – unrequited love

unrequited love