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Monster #414 — Why?


I relate so completely to this guy’s question at the moment, I’m tempted to put this under “self portraits”.

What now??


Hmm. Did I?

I missed you. I couldn’t stay away. Besides, I have all these doodles…

Should I start at #1 again? Should this be #366? Should I just give up keeping track? What do you think?

Monster #321 — *pause*


This is how I feel right about now…

Monster #315 — There are 38 days left in 2009

how does that make you feel?

Monster #294 — The Land of the Lost

land of the lost

“Who am I?”
“Where is this?”
“I don’t understand anything!”

Welcome to Monday!

Monster #221 — Wherethefuggawee?


It’s the Sir Edmund Hillary of monsters.

Monster #196 — Lost