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#505 – Seconds


If I wore a wig, I’d also wear a cat wearing a hat. Wouldn’t you??

Monster # 481 — It’s Bilingual Monday!


Arf! Know what I mean?

Monster #409 — -outy


Who did I forget? Gouty?

Monster #404 — W!


It’s nice to be able to use the letter W without immediately thinking of a certain former US president.

Monster #359 — Happy as Larry

happy as larry

I first came across the phrase “Happy as Larry” in a book by Roddy Doyle (♥). I’d never heard it before, but it seemed too awesomely weird not to want in my life. So there it is.

Monster #335 — Wind generated power source


Things like this keep me up at night, you know. Maybe I’ll just start calling them giant freaking pinwheels.

Monster #308 — Tora desu!

tora da!

He’s just jealous.

Monster #298 — Well, blast my gizzard!

blast my gizzard

I’m 18 monsters behind. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to post 2 doodles a day until you beg me to stop I’m caught up.

Ready? Go!

Monster #294 — The Land of the Lost

land of the lost

“Who am I?”
“Where is this?”
“I don’t understand anything!”

Welcome to Monday!

Monster #289 — Slow down!


He’s saying ”please slow down”, but I have no idea why.