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Monster #305 — Get off the computer!


I’m sure I wouldn’t survive without check lists. I would melt into a puddle of overwhelmed, unproductive, time-wasting slime.

Monster #125 – in the monsterverse…

in the monsterverse

Monster #99 – You look great!

because you look great!

I know I’m in the minority here, but I hate it when people say to me: You look great, did you lose weight? I can think of a zillion reasons why I might look great that have nothing to do with how I look.

Monster #97 – lucky! (IF topic: Talisman)

lucky lucky lucky

I forgot “lucky underwear” but we can just assume.

Monster #96 – Things Fall Apart

things fall apart

Monster #82 – Hello Spring!


I like winter, spring, and fall. Summer I could skip. This is my so-far list of all the signs of spring I’ve seen. Yesterday it was 30F so the frogs were all silent. No doubt snuggled up in their beds with a cup of tea and a good book (maybe the Field Guide to North American Insects?)

Monster #76 — Cake Emergency

cake dude

We ate the emergency cake this weekend. Now we have NO CAKE.

When I bake a cake (for no other reason than that cake is delicious) I cut it in half and put half in the freezer. There are only 1.5 cake-eaters in the house and a whole cake is just too much cake to have around. So I freeze half and label it EMERGENCY CAKE.

Eventually a day (no, probably a night, because you know emergencies only happen at night) comes where it’s apparent cake is needed. That’s when the emergency cake comes out.

The only problem with eating the emergency cake is: now there’s NO CAKE!

Monster #66 — Pen Drama

pen melodrama

Just a little melodrama for your Sunday pleasure.

Monster #64 — Sweaters and things

sweater things

I’m late getting the monsters up today, so you get a whole two page spread from my journal.

Monster #63 — Things I did

what has voz done

A page from my journal from yesterday afternoon. If I’d continued through the day I could’ve added “dropped a bag of flour on the floor” and “spent a long time sweeping up”.