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Monster #462 (maybe) — Know your monsters!

know your monsters

You might want to print this out and carry it with you, in case you encounter a monster in the wild and want to correctly identify it.

Monster #410 — Co-doodle


This is a doodle started by my son that I finished. This is how we pass the time if we have to wait somewhere and need to be distracted from the fact that we’re waiting—like in a restaurant or in line at the bank. One of us draws some shapes and hands it to the other to finish. I’m so predictable. I always turn mine into monsters. In this case it turned out to be Totoro eating pizza. In a dress sort of thing. Or something.

Monster #356 — Mmm Mochi

mochi + lucky flounder

Lucky Flounder is contemplating which mochi to eat first.

Hope you’re out there contemplating something delicious too.

Monster #331 — NOT Richard Scarry

not Richard Scarry

Monster #306 — Why doncha do me right?

Imitation Frank Zappa

Imitation Frank Zappa, apparently.

Monster #274 — No reason

no reason

For the most part my son is an enthusiastic and accepting fan of my doodles (and I’m probably warping his view of the world big time), but sometimes he asks me why questions.

Why is he just saying “sausage”?

Why is he happy he’s fired?

Why is he running away?

Why is the naked mole rat Swedish?

Why are they all confused?

I don’t ever have any answers. Things just come out of my head this way and I draw them. I guess I’m just preparing him for the nonsense of the real world and the many, many questions he’ll ask that have no answer.

Why is European chocolate so much better than American chocolate?

Why do people throw trash out their windows on the highway?

Why don’t people realize they’re being manipulated by media and giant corporations and religion to spend money on things they don’t need?

Why do people watch FOX news?

Monster #260 — Mrs. Peel…

mrs peel

I don’t watch regular TV, but I do watch stuff I can get from the library. Perry Mason and The Avengers are the current favorites.