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Monster #402 — Is it summer yet?

summer sweets

Monster #392 — Next stop…

ice cream yay


Monster #370 — Unrequited love goes to the beach

unrequited love at the beach

What do you think—is it the monster or the ice cream she’s in love?

Monster #263 — Sargeant parfait speaks


Monster #218 — Let’s go shopping

out of ice cream

That aardvark guy isn’t sticking around to see what happens next.

Monster #188 — Man, it’s hot in here.


Monster #163 – Milkshakes


Subtlety is an art.

Monster #49 — Hooray for…


We don’t watch TV in my house but we do play computer games. And like all parents I find myself having to put limits on how much computer game playing goes on in one day. (I’m quite sure my son could play SimCity for six days straight.) So we divide the hours he’s home up into digital time and analog time.

I think this might be the analog cheer squad. Go analog!

Monster #24 – Sharing


There haven’t been nearly enough ice cream monsters. I really need to fix that.

Monster #17 – Ice Cream Tragedy

sad monster