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Voz says…

voz says

New book! Free button! Huzzah!

two pages
I’m so excited! I finally finished putting the first collection of doodles together into a book. And finally, finally you can buy it.

It’s got sixteen monster doodles full of drama, confusion, and longing. At least one of them I never actually posted here. Oooh! Exclusive doodle!

And even if you don’t care about the book, you should buy it because you get a FREE lucky flounder button if you do! (Although if you’re buying the book just for the button that sort of doesn’t make the button free anymore, does it?)

You can buy it at fishcakes, etsy, or come to Crafty Bastards 2009 in October and buy it from me in person.

Monster #111 – Hooray for 5!

hooray for 5!

This is in answer to Bella’s question AND it includes nipples!

Monster #104 – Nice Knickers

nice knickers

A companion piece for one about underwear? Is this all because I live with an 8 year-old? When you’re 8 underwear is the height of humor.

Monster #97 – lucky! (IF topic: Talisman)

lucky lucky lucky

I forgot “lucky underwear” but we can just assume.

Monster #91 – Toast appreciation


Monster #49 — Hooray for…


We don’t watch TV in my house but we do play computer games. And like all parents I find myself having to put limits on how much computer game playing goes on in one day. (I’m quite sure my son could play SimCity for six days straight.) So we divide the hours he’s home up into digital time and analog time.

I think this might be the analog cheer squad. Go analog!

Monster #33 — Hooray for Metric!

metric This is definitely going to become a magnet and button at Soon, I think.

Monster #20 (and some friends)

obama monsters