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Monster #174 – Drink a toast to Charlie!


I have been listening to Chumbawamba’s most recent album, which has a jaunty little tune about Charles Darwin.

All of nature in its place
By hand of the designer
Comes our Charlie spins the world
From here to Asia Minor
In between the Platypus
And perfect Aphrodite
Charlie come with opposing thumb
To question the Almighty

Monster #172 – A big fan.

OMG! David Attenborough!

Photo: Eddie Mulholland/BBC

Monster #159 – Brave or stupid?


Maybe they’re about to wake him. Or maybe they’re singing some irritating song quietly hoping it will get lodged in his sleeping brain and he’ll sing it all day once he wakes up. Maybe they just want a better look at how he styles his hair. Or maybe they’re just in awe of his ass-kicking abilities, but are too shy to show it when he’s awake.

Anyway, Mifune-sama is keeping me company while I make buttons. Like, a zillion of them. When he’s not kicking ass or scratching his beard he’s asleep.