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Monster #278 — Party Mammoths

party mammoths

I’m not sure for what, though.

Cake and ice cream?
The disco ball to descend?
The semaphore burlesque act to start?

Monster #don’t_ask_voz — Um


Argh! I need sequencing support. Yet again I’ve numbered a bunch of posts wrong. I had 260 numbered as 230 and didn’t notice until 9 monsters later. It does explain how I got so far behind so quickly.

Monster #261 — Anybody seen Harry?


Monster #260 — Mrs. Peel…

mrs peel

I don’t watch regular TV, but I do watch stuff I can get from the library. Perry Mason and The Avengers are the current favorites.

Monster #249 — I Want to Ride a Camel


Monster #247 — Naked no more


Naked mole rats are just plain weird. They spend almost their entire life in darkness underground digging tunnels looking for tubers for dinner. Their lips close behind their completely insane impressive front teeth so they can excavate while not having to eat dirt at the same time.

They have a complex social hierarchy with one queen ruler (the only reproductive female in the colony) and apart from a few studly males, the rest of the mole rats are soldiers and workers. They sort of function as a collective like bees or ants or the Borg.

There are other mole rat species, but they’re not naked so nobody ever talks about them.

Anyhow, apparently if you give them a nice warm sweater and a matching hat they’ll speak Swedish.

French Marmots?


There’s a massive groundhog that lives under our house. I saw him running across the yard the other day toward me. I guess he didn’t see me at first, but all of the sudden he put the brakes on and literally skidded to a halt on the gravel path. It was very cartoony the way he braced his little feet and bits of gravel flew up around them.

If I found him a nice red beret, I wonder if he’d be my friend. I’d get him a proper one, these kind of look like deflated balloons.

Monster #226 — And now you’re even older


Bet he’s a popular guy.

Monster #222 — Monkeys


Monster #221 — Wherethefuggawee?


It’s the Sir Edmund Hillary of monsters.