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#511 – Bonnet lovers unite!

bonnet wearer <3

I’m wearing my haven’t-updated-in-a-few-days bonnet right now.

Monster #476 — I’m awesome!

for a living

Apparently the job of being awesome means you get an awesome hat.

Monster #456 — You’re a wizzid, Harry!

you're a wizzid, Harry

For those who don’t speak New England, the weird word in the title is “wizard”.

Monster #403 — Hats


I think that guy in the fedora is alarmed to find he’s only wearing a fedora.

Monster #394 — No hints!

no way!

Monster #372 — The big idea, what’s the

the big idea, what's the

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking: Where the heck have you been, Voz? You said you’d post a doodle a day, but there were no doodles for the past two days. Two days! Not a doodle in sight! Do you know how we suffered? What gives lady? *

I’d like to tell you something really dramatic and interesting happened, like I was made queen of Massachusetts and was busy making decrees such as “White chocolate will now be known as White not-even-close-to-tasting-like-chocolate-so-let’s-not-lie-and-call-it chocolate.” or trying on tiaras. But, alas nothing that interesting was happening. I was just cleaning the studio.

I’m back on the monster-doodling bandwagon now.

*Actually I have no idea what you’re thinking.

Do you even think in full sentences? I know I don’t. I think in fragments and caveman grunts. Like: doodle, good. where pen? Although more often than not, I’m just thinking: coffeecoffeecoffeeteacoffeenap.

Monster #369 — Are you?

ready? ready.

I just washed my fancy pink knickers, so I’m ready too.

Monster #354 — Santa?


I’m not sure if that’s a cry of impatience or disbelief.

Monster #350! — How about you?

bad manners, etc

I make weird faces while other people are talking.

How about you?

Monster #319 — Tell me when we are.

ab so lute ly not

How can you not have fun wearing a hat like that??