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Monster #224 — bonus wrap!

bonus wrap

This would have been my doodle for the IF topic “wrapped” if I’d have managed to get it posted.

Monster #201 — Fishsnax


They’re kind of like those little goldfish crackers except they’re real fish. And they’re surprised.

Monster #195 — Well Howdy


I guess it’s the rainy season at the cliff.

Bonus! Animal drawings.


According to my wall calendar that tells me just how many days have passed already (you know, in case you’re not already feeling like time is flying by at an alarming rate) I should be on monster #197. Eek! I promise to do something about that soon.

Meanwhile, here are some animals I drew for no reason at all.

Monster #184 — High Fructose Corn Syrup


It’s everywhere.

Monster #167 – Waffles and Wall Paper


Monster #160 – This way to the rectangles!


Commissioned by my son, at breakfast.

Monster #158 – Thirsty Monsters


Monster #155 – Uh…sure.


Sometimes I feel like I’ve been translated from another language. The gist of me is there, but something gets lost in translation.

Monster #154 – The Stuff of Legends


Like Abraham Lincoln or Charo.