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Monster #425 — Oh, you stop it!

you stop it

I mean that specifically as well as generally, but not if you’re making me some cupcakes. I would never tell you to stop if you’re making me cupcakes.

PS. Yesterday was canceled, that’s why there was no doodle. You got the memo, right? You didn’t show up did you?

Monster somethingorotherinthe400’s

hey voz,

I have displeased the monsters with my sad vocabulary skills.

You still love me though…right?

Monster #412 — Everything…


Monster #374 — Fourfifteenths


Personally, I’m 1/2 awake.

Monster #367 — -chy

- chy

Monster #358 — I’m almost caught up!

standards are falling

I’m only 2 doodles behind. I think I might actually make 365 on December 31.

Monster #353 — What’d you do?

hedge hoggery

Monster #323 — The guilt brigade

the guilt brigade

Monster #319 — Tell me when we are.

ab so lute ly not

How can you not have fun wearing a hat like that??

Monster #315 — There are 38 days left in 2009

how does that make you feel?