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Doodle #557 – Right? Right?

except bunnies

Bad day in the Monsterverse. Except for bunnies.

Doodle #553 – Good Question

my sense of humor

At least he’s still got his sense of style, huh?

Doodle #541 – And pony rides

FINALLY it’s the last week of school for my son. Four more days. That’s a long four days when it’s already, officially, summer (for real).

I’m spending those four days figuring out when and how I’ll get work done from now until September. As well as preparing bribes for myself so I’ll actually get business-related work done instead of just staying home every day and digging into my large stack of library books. I love my job, but I’m awfully fond of reading and lazing around and making excuses to go get ice cream, too.

But isn’t that pretty much what summer is about?

Doodle #539 – And maybe a cookie, too.

I forget what exactly made me doodle this, but I’m feeling less demanding at the moment.

#508 – Cranky hour!

cranky hour

Last week there was a cranky hour marathon.

#494 – Things Voz Draws (#2)

Things Voz Draws #2

I draw a lot of grouchy and grumpy things, don’t I? The sun is ALWAYS in a bad mood.

Monster #477 — Shopping lady

shopping lady

Monster #456 — You’re a wizzid, Harry!

you're a wizzid, Harry

For those who don’t speak New England, the weird word in the title is “wizard”.

Monster #umm something

get on with it

No REALLY. I am coming back. I am I am.

Bonus post! Voz is grumpy!


I ordered ink for my fancy-ass printer last week and it’s still not here. I can’t get the ink in stores, which I didn’t realize before I bought it. It’s an awesome printer, but when you’re out of cyan, you’re out of cyan until more comes in the mail. I don’t mind ordering it, but they said it would only take 2 or 3 days to get to me. It’s been much longer than that. Meanwhile…the print queue is growing and growing and growing.