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Doodle #546 – Woo hoo! Buckets!

What are you enthusiastic about?
I’m an enthusiasm enthusiast, myself.

Monster #484 — It’s Pudding Hour!


Pretty much every hour, right?

Monster #445 — Next stop…


That’s after this stop.

Next stop is actually cookies in my house. I’m hosting a tea party tomorrow and am currently making lots of cookies to delight and astound my stuffed animals friends. If you’re not busy, stop by.

Monster #443 — Give us some money!

give us some money

Personally, I’d just like a new pair of pink striped socks. My favorite pair finally became more holey than socky.

Monster #442 — New year, part 1

new year, part 1

Maybe turbans will be in this year. Or is that a bamboo shoot on his head?

Monster #429 — First Prize!

first prize!

Did he win it because of that creature, or maybe the creature is first prize?

Monster #419 — Wheee!


Hope your weekend has lots of wheee! in it.

Monster #405 — Candy?


Happy Easter if you’re celebrating. If not, Happy Excuse to Eat Chocolate. Not that you need an excuse.

Monster #402 — Is it summer yet?

summer sweets

Monster #390 — oooh!


Come over, we have more. We’ll share!