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Doodle #548 – Do I smell waffles?


Is that what shark jammies look like?

Doodle #536 – My cabbages!

Well, I don’t know what that thing is, but it sure is happy about the cabbage display.

Or maybe it’s just a fan of Avatar.

Doodle #535 – Ill-fated mango

This is one of the doodles that didn’t go on the mango page of the book I’m working on.

How’s that for cultivating mystery?

Doodle #533 – The pets menu

Fine dining, I’m sure.

Doodle #530 – Hotel Breakfast

An old(ish) doodle from our trip to DC. We ate breakfast in the hotel where we were staying. I wasn’t too impressed, but apparently I’m a yogurt snob and only like the yogurt *I* make. My son was enthusiastic about the waffle maker, though. It’s the little things, you know?

Doodle #522 – Always Hungry

always hungry

Wonder where I can get a personal assistant to toss food into my mouth when I’m hungry? That would be handy!

Doodle #521 – Taco Day!

taco day
I thought taco day was Tuesday.

#514 – The mayor speaks

free cake day

I’m moving to this guy’s town. Sounds very progressive.

#513 – Froyo, yo!


Hey, I’m back. Sorry about the big lapse. I was getting froyo. It takes me a long time to decide on the toppings.

How are you?

Guest Doodle #1 – Box of Gojira! Yaaaay!

box of gojira! yaaaay!

Our first guest doodle was done by my son Aidan.

He says: It’s a fake cereal. Does NOT contain real Gojira.

Tomorrow’s doodle will be a hand-drawn something from Aidan. If you’d like to submit a guest doodle for future posting, please get in touch with me and I will let you know how.