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Monster #116 – stop breaking!

stop breaking

Seriously. Now I’m super behind on the monsters and reading blogs.

Monster #100!

shocked to learn

So I really wanted to do something special for my 100th monster but it didn’t happen. But this doodle is my current favorite. Somebody just needs to write the book to go with the illustration. I’m sure there’s a melodrama waiting to be created from this scene.

Monster #95 – No Drama?

no drama

Only melodrama.

Monster #82 – Hello Spring!


I like winter, spring, and fall. Summer I could skip. This is my so-far list of all the signs of spring I’ve seen. Yesterday it was 30F so the frogs were all silent. No doubt snuggled up in their beds with a cup of tea and a good book (maybe the Field Guide to North American Insects?)

Monster #69 — Utopia?


Whoa am I late today. It’s been a crazy day.

Monster #65 — Garden Monster


I’m sure this guy was in my garden last year.