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Monster #381 — Fancy Dress Monsters

fancy dress monsters

It took them so long to tie those ties…how disappointing.

Monster #376 — So misunderstood!


I live in a pro-dragon household.

Monster #330 — He’s Jesus!


Monster #298 — Well, blast my gizzard!

blast my gizzard

I’m 18 monsters behind. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to post 2 doodles a day until you beg me to stop I’m caught up.

Ready? Go!

Monster #297 — I would have warned you…


I had this ready to post last week when I was getting sick, but then I got sick and was too sick to post it.

Monster #293 — The end is near!

prepare part 1

This doomsday doodle was immediately followed in my sketchbook by the one below. I didn’t think they were related, but if it’s the end of the world, you might want to have a snack while you’re waiting for the horsemen to show up.

prepare part 2

Monster #237 — or ship out!

shape up

These are the chaps who will keep me in line this week. I have so much organizational blahblahblah to do and I just want to play instead.

Monster #236 — I grow weary…


Actually, I’m pro-nonsense, but I’m choosy about what sort of nonsense I’ll tolerate.

Monster #209 — Tsukida!


He’s a cranky moon, isn’t he?

Monster #128 – THE SUN!!!!


While I was drawing this, I realized I really do envision the sun as an angry, hateful enemy of mine.