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#514 – The mayor speaks

free cake day

I’m moving to this guy’s town. Sounds very progressive.

#506 – Tyrannical Friday

tyrannical friday!

File this under “bad ideas”. Although, it is the weekend…

#505 – Seconds


If I wore a wig, I’d also wear a cat wearing a hat. Wouldn’t you??

#487 – No onions


It’s hard to tell if this is a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing.

Monster #463 — It’s Friday!

it's friday!

I feel bad I dressed that guy in a parka/snowsuit-type thing. It’s going to be hot and humid today. I hope they’ve got ice for their grape soda.

Happy Friday, peoples. I am unusually excited it’s finally here. This week has been too much.

Monster #260 — Ned’s mistake

cupcake of humanity

Why Ned was purchasing cupcakes in just his knickers is anybody’s guess.

Monster #418 — Do it!

do it!

Um. Yeah…but do what?

Monster #412 — Everything…


Monster #399 – Monday, again.


It’s raining and grey and just generally uninvitingly wet here and it’s going to be miiighty hard to get motivated to do anything other than drink tea and nap.

Monster #397 — Fascinating