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Doodle #536 – My cabbages!

Well, I don’t know what that thing is, but it sure is happy about the cabbage display.

Or maybe it’s just a fan of Avatar.

Monster #484 — It’s Pudding Hour!


Pretty much every hour, right?

Monster #428 — On sale!

Now in powdered form!

Man, she is so lucky. Yes never goes on sale! No is always on buy-one-get-one special, but never Yes. It’s even hard to find Maybe in the stores these days.

Monster #401 — Ready to *squee*


I wonder how long she’s been waiting.

Monster #301 — Gossip Monsters

Then what?

Oh the drama!

Monster #288 — The Mr. Sweater fan club!


This is a drawing of my son’s stuffed alligator toy, Mr. Sweater.

He talks with a Swedish accent. As you can see, everyone loves him. And his sweater.

We also have a stuffed toy crab named Nori. For some reason he has an Indian accent (like the splenda chap) and falls asleep if you turn him upside down.

We also have a gigantic stuffed dolphin named Corny and an equally gigantic stuffed catfish named Cate, but they only speak fish.

New book! Free button! Huzzah!

two pages
I’m so excited! I finally finished putting the first collection of doodles together into a book. And finally, finally you can buy it.

It’s got sixteen monster doodles full of drama, confusion, and longing. At least one of them I never actually posted here. Oooh! Exclusive doodle!

And even if you don’t care about the book, you should buy it because you get a FREE lucky flounder button if you do! (Although if you’re buying the book just for the button that sort of doesn’t make the button free anymore, does it?)

You can buy it at fishcakes, etsy, or come to Crafty Bastards 2009 in October and buy it from me in person.

Monster #239 — Yakisoba night!

yakisoba night!

Come over! I’m cooking RIGHT NOW!

Monster #224 — bonus wrap!

bonus wrap

This would have been my doodle for the IF topic “wrapped” if I’d have managed to get it posted.