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#504 – Let me entertain you…

let me entertain you

Think he’ll do magic? Song and dance? Impressions? Anagrams?

#500 – Eels, no eels

eels, no eels

Fancy eels, people. Fancy ones.

#491 – Embrace the day!

embrace the day

Or, you know, whatever works for you and your appendages.

#489 – Love Bus

love bus


what is it ?


Well, I don’t know what it will look like, but stay for lunch is returning. Probably not daily. But toothy and with pudding. And that’s about where I left off. So let’s just pretend that two year hiatus didn’t happen, k?

Thanks. I love you.


Monster #483 — Yes Let’s!

let's party

I wish they’d invite me along. They look like they know how to have fun.

Monster #478 — Trout time!

trout time

Time flies.

Monster #476 — I’m awesome!

for a living

Apparently the job of being awesome means you get an awesome hat.

Monster #475 — Why is the coffee gone?

the coffee

Seems only fitting this should follow yesterday’s sleepy post.

Monster #473 — Let’s build a fort!

build a fort

They look innocent enough, don’t they? Any parent will recognize the look of a “great idea” on their faces, though.